The Art Residence at Street Art Museum in Saint Petersburg is a unique city project aimed to explore the industrial space and to revive the cultural landscape of remote areas using art practices and creative designs of russian and foreign artists. The Residence gives the opportunity to the artists from different cities and countries to objectify their creative ideas. At the same time, it tends to rethink urban space in an artistic way and establish the dialogue with the citizens of Saint-Petersburg.

The Art Residence mission

We intend to form a new artistic vision of non-touristic Saint-Petersburg, to create the local educational art center and the creative platform in Krasnogvardeysky district, to expand the potential of the suburbs and improve urban residential area through visual transformation.

What do we expect from our residents?

  • art project
  • piece of art
  • documented research
  • lecture or master-class (subject depends on resident’s specialisation)

The main criteria of the projects' assessment are powerful art ideas and focus on the place: a remote industrial area of Saint Petersburg. The preference is given to the projects designed to revive cultural landscape and to transform urban space.

Who is invited to participate?

  • Artists and curators working in the following genres:
    • visual art
    • sculpture
    • photography
    • filmmaking
    • installation
    • performing arts
    • street art
    • public art
    • other visual genres
  • Both individual artists and organized groups

The Art Residence at Street Art Museum recruits residents on a competitive basis.
When the time of the residence is over (after the final exhibition and the presentation) the creative works of a participant are supposed to be gratuitously given to the Street Art Museum collection.

What do the residents get?

  • Fully equipped workshop studio for living and working
  • Materials and equipment according to the previously approved budget
  • Assistance in support of the project from the technical team, management and PR services of the Museum, as well as from the professional art community of the city
  • Funds to cover the cost of meals and transportation
  • Assistance in mounting/demounting and in the presentation of creative works.

The selection of the residents is carried out on the basis of their applications. For submitting the applications for the residence, fill out the form with a detailed description of the project and provide all the necessary information before the deadline. The documents are accepted in Russian and in English.