On 27th of June Street Art Museum (SAM) from Saint Petersburg will again take guests on its public space and open a new season with street and public art exhibition project titled “Remember tomorrow”. The leading Russian street artists and creators working with space will represent their new artworks. Large-scale murals and installations interact with the space, augment and transform it. The curators of the exhibition project are Nailya Allahverdiyeva and Arseny Sergeyev, one of the most competent and experienced art managers in the field of street and public art.


Nailya Allakhverdieva

Curator of 'Remember Tomorrow' Exhibition

“We invite artists to become prophets, anticipators or visionaries – to create their own image of the future, to make “flash forward” visible, to transfer their dreams or fears of tomorrow, make warnings, tell us about possible threats. Perhaps it will help to answer a long-standing and never resolved question "What should we do?"


St Petersburg
Alexander Shishkin-Hokusai
Petr Belii
Marina Alexeeva
Ilya Grishaev
Ivan Tuzov

Damir Muratov

Marat Morik

Misha Most
Vitae Viazi
Stas Dobry
Zhenya Miheeva
Protei Temen
Katya Reisher
Olya Kroitor

 Andrey Syailev

Slava PTRK
Ilya Mozgi
Natasha Pastukhova

Nizhnii Novgorod
TOI Crew
Andrey Olenev

Pinche Loco

All artworks created on SAM public space during last summer exhibition “Casus Pacis”/ “Motive for Peace” are painted over. Thus, the spectator will see fresh project on the already familiar walls. Most of the exhibition objects will be represented for spectator on 27th of June.