Crossing Borders / Crossing Boundaries

In 2016 SAM opens the season with a new opportune project. At a time in which notions of purity are recurrent, in which ‘refugee’ and crisis’, ‘migrants’ and ‘aliens’ have once again become paired as if natural, CROSSING BORDERS / CROSSING BOUNDARIES will thus explore the fertility and vibrancy of the border in contrast to the sterility and aridity of the boundary. It will explore the crossing of spatial and social borders, the crossing of conceptual and judicial boundaries, the equivalent instability and potentiality of the margins.

CROSSING BORDERS / CROSSING BOUNDARIES is an opportunity for us to to look at the migration crisis through the eyes of contemporary artists from different parts of the world. The curator of the project CROSSING BORDERS / CROSSING BOUNDARIES is Rafael Schacter, British anthropologist, researcher of street art (University College London), a curator at Somerset House projects, author of the books ‘The World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti’ (Yale University Press, 2013) and ‘Ornament and Order: Graffiti, Street Art and the Parergon’ (Ashgate, 2014).


Rafael Schacter

«In the age of migration that we all now live, these distinctions take on new importance. Here, borderlands become a space in which contact between differences is unavoidable, in which cultural confrontation is mandatory. Yet here, so too borderlands become active edges, sites in which interaction can act as a source of renewal and revitalization, sites in which the intimacy of difference can enable a new form of cosmopolitanism.

Working with a group of artists for whom borders and boundaries act as their main site of production, 1 a group of artists who seek to both explore and transcend these spaces, CROSSING BORDERS / CROSSING BOUNDARIES will artistically explore the distinction between these two terms. It will explore the spatial and social margins of the city, the edges which may be unstable but in which an adaptive hybridity can emerge. It will explore the liminal, interstitial zones in which syncretic rather than singular identities become possible».

20 artists from the USA, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Russia, South Korea and Indonesia.The artists included cover a whole range of practices: from "Street Art" and "Independent Public Art" to "Public Art" and "Contemporary Art". The key thing is that all of them use public space in their practice. And all of them have a particular, independent, oppositional, critical perspective on the public sphere. 


Alex Kurunis (UK)
Brad Downey (US)
Clemens Behr (DE)
Eltono (FR)
Filippo Minelli (IT)
Gaia (US)
Igor Ponosov (RU)

James Bridle (UK)
Jazoo Yang (KR)
Jonathan Hollingsworth (US)
Kirill Kto (RU)
Martha Athienza (NL)
Mata Ruda (US)

Merijn Hos (NL)
Nano 4814 (ES)
Rob Pinney (UK)
Spy (ES)
Superproject (NL)
Tita Salina (ID)
Valerio Vincenzo (NL)

All of the works created in the open area at the Street Art Museum as a part of the 2015 Remember Tomorrow exhibition have been painted over and are no longer available for viewing. In addition, on May 14, 2016, in addition to the new exhibition, museum visitors were able to see the site’s new look after the next stage of construction under the guidance of the architectural bureau Arkhataka.