Brighter Days are Coming: season 2017 in the Street Art Museum

The“Brighter Days Are Coming” exhibition is now closed.

May 13, 2017 the Street Art Museum has opened its 4th season jointly with the Goethe-Institut Saint Petersburg. By tradition, the whole territory of the Museum's open-air site has emerged revamped: murals created in last year's exhibition were sunk in the layers of history – the walls were painted over to give place to new works, and the installations in the gallery and the boiler-house utterly transformed the space.

The leading motif of the 2017 exposition is the phenomenon of revolution – this year's most timeserving subject in both artistic and sociopolitical fields. The largest art museums all over the globe celebrate the centennial of the Russian Revolution with retrospective shows: The MOMA in New York, Tate Modern in London, the Hermitage, the Russian Museum, and the Tretyakov Gallery in Russia. The main object is the heritage of the Russian avant-garde, whose world-spanning and messianic spirit had a serious effect on the development of contemporary art. The Russian avant-garde became part of history; it is included in museum expositions and is an expensive segment of the art market.

The new season in Street Art Museum has a revolutionary nature not only in historical connection to time and place (the Museum is located at Shosse Revolutsii in Saint Petersburg), but also in terms of genre – the topic of revolution is extremely close to the fringe-most of arts.

A tandem of Russian and German curators has worked on the “Brighter Days Are Coming” exhibition: Andrey Zaitsev is the director of Street Art Museum and Yasha Young is the director of the Urban Nation Museum for Urban Contemporary Art Berlin. Under their patronage, 60 artists from 12 countries present their artist manifesto about revolution.

Moreover, within the framework of exhibition at Street Art Museum, two more projects are arranged: Nikolay Super presents his Generations graffiti wall showing how graffiti subculture has been developing from the USSR to present-day Russia, and Maksim Svitshyov supervises his media- art and sound-art project in the upper floors of the Boiler-house space.

The list of the artists:

  • AES + F (RU)
  • Ricardo Cavolo (SP)
  • Martha Cooper (US)
  • Sten & Lex (IT)
  • Bordalo II (PT)
  • 108 (IT)
  • ICY & SOT (IR)
  • Alexandr Florensky (RU)
  • Mafia Tabak (AU)
  • Millo (IT)
  • Kazy Usclef (FR)
  • Daniel van Nes (NL)
  • Damir Muratov (RU)
  • Alexander Guschin (RU)
  • Sergey Karev (RU)
  • ZTwins (RU)
  • Kirill Shamanov (RU)
  • Oleg Kuznetsov (RU)
  • TankPetrol (UK)
  • Frukty (RU)
  • Sepe (PL)
  • Vladimir Abikh (RU)
  • TOY (RU)
  • Dima Rebus (RU)
  • Konstantin Novikov (RU)
  • Kuril Chto (RU)
  • Poslushai (RU)
  • Alexandr Blot (RU)
  • Maxim Ima (RU)
  • Konstantin Stavrov (RU)
  • Alena Seletskaya (RU)
  • Zima (RU)
  • Alexandr Berzing (RU)
  • Turben & Dusto (RU)
  • Pasmur Rachuiko (RU)
  • Grigoriy Yuschenkо (RU)
  • Pasha Kas (KZ)
  • Misha Most & Petro (RU)
  • Pasha Bumazhniy (RU)
  • Varenye Organism (RU)
  • “Generations”: Krys (LV), Maks Navigator (RU), Basket (RU), SPP Crew (RU), TAD Crew (RU), DS Crew (RU)
  • Media project “Brighter Days Are Coming”: Alena Kogan (RU), Sergey Kostyrko (RU), Ilia Belorukov (RU), Danini (RU), Anna Aver (RU), Mikhail Schelkunov (RU), Alexander Belkov (RU), Petr Papasov (RU), Mikhail Maksimov (RU), Victor Kudryashov (RU)